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February 21 2018

Retainer Maintenance Tips to Ensure Lifelong Results

Beverly Hills, CA - Congratulations! You are finally getting your braces off. As you exit the active stage of your orthodontic treatment, a very important milestone on your way to having a long-lasting perfect smile is the retention stage. Whether you have lingual braces, metal braces or even Invisalign, you will need to regularly wear your retainer ... Read More >>
February 16 2018
Beverly Hills, CA - Most everyone has heard of Invisalign. Its unique method of straightening teeth via a series of clear dental trays, also known as aligners, has made this brand not only popular but famous. What’s even better is how easy and comfortable this system is. ... Read More >>
February 12 2018
Santa Monica, CA – Most people immediately associate teeth straightening procedures with having braces fitted. However, there are occasions when surgery may be required to create a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen firmly believes that every person deserves a beautiful smile at any age and strives to provide the orthodontic treatments necessary to transform your smile. Dr. Nikaeen advocates th... Read More >>
January 8 2018
Beverly Hills, CA – When you want to go all out for that special someone on your wish list, you have a few options. You could shop through the newest cameras, smartphones, and gaming devices, or you could go with a gift that won’t be outdated by next year. More specifically, why don’t you give a gift that not only boosts one’s confidence, but also gives the recipient a killer smile? We’re talking about orthodontic treatment, of course. Whether you gift that speci... Read More >>
December 30 2017
Los Angeles, CA – Playing a wind instrument in the band takes a certain amount of practice and skill. So it can be difficult for some teens to learn that they will be fitted with braces. Some may be concerned that the braces and wires could affect their ability to play. Others may be more worried they won’t be able to play at all and may have to quit the band. ... Read More >>
December 29 2017
Los Angeles, CA – Having clear braces to straighten your teeth is a big step towards creating a healthy, beautiful smile. Unlike Invisalign, which is made of plastic, clear braces are made of ceramic and are designed to blend with your teeth color, so the only real evidence that you’re having your teeth straightened is the metal archwires r... Read More >>
December 28 2017
Los Angeles, CA – At Nikaeen Orthodontics, patients often wonder whether or not they should opt for braces only on either the upper or lower row of their teeth. You may want to save money, or you believe that one row of your teeth does not need correction. You may be surprised to find out why many people choose to get both sets of braces instead of going for a single arch. ... Read More >>
December 26 2017
Los Angeles, CA – Dating is challenging enough on anyone’s self-esteem. Meeting new people and aiming to look your best is nerve-wracking even for the most confident among us. But then, when you throw orthodontic treatment into the mix, it can add an entirely new level of anxiety. The good news is that the anticipation of wearing braces or ... Read More >>
December 19 2017
Los Angeles Orthodontist Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen shares her expert advice on how you can have a perfect smile before your wedding day: "If you didn’t get your bite issues fixed as a child, or you didn’t wear your retainer, and now your teeth have relapsed, you can now fix your bite as an adult with less discomfort and better aesthetics." ... Read More >>
December 18 2017

Braces in College – Now’s the Time

Los Angeles, CA – You may be overwhelmed with the schoolwork ahead of you as you enter college, but there is never a better time to get braces. As a college student, your education is a long-term investment for your career, so why not invest long-term in your mental and physical health? Read more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment while you are in college. ... Read More >>
December 15 2017

How Smiling Affects Your Body and Health

Source Santa Monica, CA – When you think about smiling, a lot of adages may come to mind: “Grin and bear it,” or ... Read More >>
November 30 2017
Source Los Angeles, CA – Invisalign is perfect if... Read More >>
November 26 2017
Source Beverly Hills, CA - ...
November 22 2017
Santa Monica, CA– If you or your child have a malocclusion (meaning a bad bite), you may decide to ignore correcting the bite, either because of cost or because... Read More >>
November 4 2017

Choosing Your Braces Colors – Have Some Fun With It

Santa Monica, CA - If your orthodontist has recommended braces, you may be worried about how they’ll affect your appearance. But times have changed, and today you have a wonderful range... Read More >>
October 31 2017

Invisalign Attachments: What You Need to Know

Source Beverly Hills, CA - Invisa...
October 27 2017
Source Los Angeles, CA -- Most people consider teeth straightening at some point in... Read More >>
October 26 2017

Damaged Braces? What You Need to Know

Source Beverly Hills, CA - Even the mos... Read More >>
October 11 2017
Beverly Hills, CA - Do-it-yourself (DIY) orthodontics is increasing in popularity. Yes, you read that right. People are trying to straighten their teeth themselves without the help of a trained and licensed orthodontist. Even though it should be obvious, these are the reasons why you should never engage in DIY orthodontic care. ... Read More >>
October 8 2017
Los Angeles, CA - It’s very important for all kids who play sports to protect their mouths and teeth, as this is a vulnerable area. But children who wear braces need to be especially careful and work extra hard to make sure their teeth and braces stay protected when they are active throughout the day. ... Read More >>