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DIY Braces: Why this Should Never be Considered

Everyone yearns for sparkling, straight teeth and a more confident smile they can be proud of. However, not everyone is born with a perfect smile, but luckily experienced orthodontists can help you achieve one. When maintained by a professional, braces can successfully realign crooked teeth, resulting in the smile of your dreams. Unfortunately, astounding dental costs and the nation’s desire for instant gratification has caused a new trend to take the internet by storm: ‘do-it- yourself’ braces.

Straight teeth require many sacrifices, your health isn’t one of them:

We get it, braces can be expensive, time consuming and a tad bit painful. The stigma of having a metal mouth isn’t an easy one to take on, and carries a sentence of nine months to five years. Then there’s the inevitable cost, which sometimes amounts to more than a down payment on your vehicle. But, here’s the kicker: a few years worth of braces really pay for themselves. Braces will effectively straighten your teeth, correct medical and cosmetic damage and give you an impressive smile. However, like anything when done incorrectly, the procedure can go horribly wrong and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Dangers of going the at-home route:

Attention arm-chair detectives and self-appointed orthodontists, please have a seat and heed advice from the experts, before it’s too late. Perhaps you’ve become the proud owner of a 3D printer, or are uber confident after watching your favorite DIY you-tube channel. Many sites illegally market medical grade dental products to consumers, these sites should be avoided to maintain your health. Understand there are certain feats which just should not be attempted yourself, orthodontia work is one of them. This remarkable medical endeavor requires years of education, determination and specific skill-sets.

Maybe you’ve seen Dudley, the guy who created his own set of braces for just sixty bucks. They may have worked on the outside, but he could be suffering from gum and root damage related to an extensive move in only sixteen weeks time. Moving a tooth too quickly causes bite damage and the results cannot be determined without an X-ray.

Another example led to more disastrous results which required emergency dental work. An individual attempted DIY gap removal by way of self applied rubber bands. The elastic bands did not fix the intended problem, but led to bone and tooth loss and the material was lodged in the patient’s gums, later to be removed by a qualified orthodontist.

Why choose experienced orthodontists, AKA Dr. Nikaeen

Orthodontia work is an investment in your child’s future and we work with you to make the life-altering procedure a more affordable option. Dr. Nikaeen is highly qualified in the art of dentistry. At the office of Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen, you can find your solution to happy, straight, and healthy smile. We offer a multitude of options from braces to Invisalign. To schedule a consultation at our Los Angeles location, please call our office at (310) 444-1113.